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Most Valued Partners (Mentors)

"When you mentor someone, you multiply your influence. You reproduce yourself in them and increase your chance of preserving your legacy"

~ Dr. Margaret Ellis ~

Abdou Karim Badjie

Abdou Karim Badjie is an IT enthusiast, aspiring Data Scientist, seasoned diplomat, humanitarian and graduated from the University of The Gambia with a BSC in Computer Science. He equally is a trained and certified leader of the TAF Leadership Academy and currently serving as the Under Secretary General for Political Affairs for Coaches United Nations Simulation (CUNS).

Adama M Ceesay

Adama M. Ceesay is a young Aspiring Lawyer, who has completed her bachelor of laws degree at the University of The Gambia and currently pursuing her Masters in Law in a European and global context in Portugal. She is a Young Entrepreneur, an Activist, and the CEO of Adu’s Store.

Adama Mendy

Adama Mendy is a student at the university of The Gambia, pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in nursing. She is currently the Lead Event Coordinator at Coaches of Influence Foundation, The Gambia Branch. In her role, she contributes to the organization’s vision to make impact through positive influence.

Amadou Barrow

Amadou Barrow, is an Information Technology generalist, who’s passionate about Internet security and privacy. He is currently working in Corporate America as a Senior Cybersecurity Analyst, with over a decade of robust Information Technology experience.

Andrew Mendy

Andrew Mendy is a graduate from the University of the Gambia with a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Political Science with keen interest in International Relations and Global Governance. His passion is in the advocacy and promotion of peace and Human Rights through dialogue, campaigns, seminars, conferences and community outreach events.

Anna B.C. Mendy

Anna is a third-year student of the university of the Gambia, pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in English language, a teacher at Mansa Colley Bojang Upper Basic School and also works with Coaches of Influence Foundation (COIF) as a program officer.

Antoinette Inger Prierra

Antoinette Inger Prierra is a Graduate of the University of The Gambia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political science and is focused on Peace and Conflict studies and advocacy, Human Rights, Justice and the rule of law. She is currently an intern at The Gambia National Assembly. She is passionate about positive Influence and the Environment.

Arthur Gabbidon

Arthur Gabbidon is a professional in the financial industry where he has been working for Wells Fargo Bank for twenty years. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and a Masters of Arts (MA) with focus on Professional Development from Amberton University.

Ben Edward Gomez

Ben Edward Gomez is a third-year mentee at Coaches of Influence Foundation (COIF) and also the Under-Secretary General for Communication and Public Information for CUNS. He is a final year nursing student at the University of The Gambia. Ben is passionate about growth and development.

Caroline Goddard-Johnson

Caroline Goddard Johnson is a graduate of the University of the Gambia where she served as the Chair of the Constitutional Review Committee. She is currently a Lawyer working in a Private Practice. During her three years mentorship journey at COIF, she served as the Deputy Secretary General of the Coaches United Nations Simulations Program with COIF and also served as a Board member. She is passionate about self-development and is always ready to learn new things.

Chioma Petra Udeani

Chioma Petra Udeani is a nurse residing in Ireland. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and a Masters in Nursing Studies. Chioma is passionate about caring for people, counselling youths and desires to make formidable world impact.

Christiana Gabbidon

Christiana Gabbidon is a family Nurse Practitioner in the retail setting where she has worked for seven years. Before she ventured into the field of family Practitioner, she worked as a registered nurse in a surgical trauma intensive care unit for eleven years.

Clarise Jabang

Clarise Jabang is a professional in the financial services industry and a new member of the COIF Alumni Association following the completion of her three years mentorship. She is a native of The Gambia where she was born and raised in a community in Darsilameh. She is known to be organized, loving, hardworking and resilient. She recently got married and enjoying life with her husband.

Dr. Stan Ellis

Dr. Stan Ellis is a professional with experience in Accounting, Fraud Investigations, Risk Management, Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership. He has more than 20 years of cumulative experience in the Financial Services, Government and Energy industries.

Elizabeth Sagar Mendy

Elizabeth Sagar Mendy is a resident of the UK, with 22 years of experience in the medical profession and a qualified Adult nurse. She holds a Diploma in HE, BSc in Nursing and currently pursuing her MSc in Public Health.

Emmanuel Njie

Emmanuel Njie lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. He graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington where he studied Operations Management. He has over ten years of professional experience and currently working for a fortune 500 company.

Fatou Bojang

Fatou Bojang is a 23-year-old young lady born in the Sukuta Community of West Coast Region. Fatou currently works in the central government at the National population Commission Secretariat Office of the Vice President as a population Field officer for the Capital City of Banjul and as a policy marker due to her involvement in policy reviews and Consultations on behalf of the Secretariat.

Fatou Manneh

Fatou Manneh is an entrepreneur with extensive industry knowledge. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies and a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from The University of Milano-Biccoca. Fatou is also a UNCTAD Certified Trainer.

Fatoumatta F Sanyang

Fatoumatta F. Sanyang is a Development Studies Graduate from the University of The Gambia and the current President of the International Award of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in The Gambia where she does documentaries, reads novels, writes poems and short stories, spending quality time with friends as the Regional Coordinator for West Coast.

George S Marah

George Saio Marah is a recent graduate from the University of The Gambia, where he studied Economics and Mathematics as major and minor respectively. He is currently an Economics, Mathematics and Information Communication and Technology (ICT) teacher at Mansa Colley Bojang Junior and Senior Secondary School. George is passionate about growth, leadership, Influence and collaboration and he is currently serving as the Vice President and Board member at Coaches of Influence Foundation (COIF).

Gladys Mutsopotsi Shumbambiri

Gladys Mutsopotsi Shumbambiri is the CEO of a Consultancy company. She is an author, business consultant, coach, conference speaker, mentor and trainer. Gladys holds a BSc in Economics and MBA from the University of Zimbabwe. She is married with 4 children and enjoys worship, travelling and reading personal development and financial education content.

Isatou Ceesay

Isatou Ceesay is a lawyer currently working at Dandimayo Chambers in The Gambia. She has also completed her three years of mentorship at COIF and ready to transition into the Alumni Association. Isatou is an engaged, self motivated and collaborative individual with profound interpersonal, excellent communication, listening and organization skills eager to explore roles that could add value to both her life and any institution.

Jacob Fernandy Mendy

Jacob Fernandy Mendy is a Program officer at Coaches of Influence Foundation (COIF). He holds a BA in Development Studies from The University of The Gambia. As a Development agent, Jacob has passion for community and youth initiatives which drives him to serve and volunteer in several youth organizations.

Jacques Timma

Jacques Timma has an MBA from Ashford University California with 15 years of work experience in the banking industry. He is a Compliance Officer in the Financial Intelligence Unit at Citi bank. He is originally from Cameroon and speaks English, French and Spanish.

Joseph K Mendy

Joseph K Mendy, earned a BSc degree from the University of The Gambia, and currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Public Administration at The University of The Gambia. He has been teaching as a qualified trained teacher from the Gambia College, and he is recently recruited into The Gambia Police Force Intervention Unit (PIU).

Joy Bass

Joy Bass is a wife, mother of five children and an entrepreneur. She has five years of experience in business and has been a volunteer social worker for the past four months. She is a leader in her community, Church and Lead Event Planner at COIF. Joy completed three years of mentorship at COIF and recently joined her cohort in the Alumni Association of the organization.

Mallvine T. Mutize

Mallvine Mutize popularly known as ‘Mall the Vine’ is the founder of The Vine Consultancy. He is an International Certified Life Coach who specializes in Child Mentoring, Youth Coaching and Team Building. Mallvine helps as a drug and substance abuse ambassador helping to rehabilitate youths from drugs.

Mesha McDowell

Mesha is a native of Los Angeles and is in the dissertation phase of obtaining a PhD of Education in Innovation, Instruction, and Learning with thematic concentration in virtual reality to enhance cultural awareness and conversational language learning.

Miles French

Miles French is an Operational Risk Manager with over seven (7) years’ experience in the financial services industry specializing in risk function assessment, control testing and reporting on current and emerging risks. He graduated from Hofstra University with a BA in Finance.

Paullette Handsborough Taylor

Paullette Handsborough Taylor is a passionate advocate and school counselor for youth. She has earned a Bachelor of Social Work and a Masters of Art in Counseling. She has over 28 years of experience and expertise in social work, counseling, and advocacy. She believes faith in God, listening, empathy, and goal setting with focus helps propel one forward.

Rojaine Novinyo

Rojaine Novinyo has over 10 years of financial services industry experience and currently specializes as a Compliance Internal Auditor. He holds the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) certifications.

Sabina Millicent Makuni

Sabina Millicent Makuni is a SAP consultant. She holds an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She loves working with the youth and women. Her desire is to see the youths and women reach their full potential.

Samuel Mendy

Samuel Mendy is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of The Gambia. He is currently working with the Ministry of Justice of The Gambia as a Pupil Barrister. He is a trained and Certified Leader of the TAF Leadership Academy. He also serves as a Mentor and Board Member at COIF.

Susan Jabang

Susan Jabang (Favour) is an alumni member and youth leader at Coaches of influence foundation. She is passionate about music and has launched her first gospel Album and released a series of singles and video clips. She is the owner of Favour’s Studio and Farms, with the goal of producing healthy organic foods.

Tebogo Khubane Manakana

Tebogo Khubane Manakana is a Qualified Internal Auditor, Business Accountant, and Certified Fraud Examiner with 7 years’ experience in the field. She is passionate about youth development, women empowerment and quality education.